Think Tank Pakistan

Message from THE Chairman

Whenever and wherever injustice or inequality becomes the norm of the day, where the poor are deprived of their rights and the rich get away with the greatest crimes, there is bound to be an imbalance in the society. This imbalance leads to deprivation in every field of life. Education, health, jobs, business, and injustice creep in and destroy the community.

It is what exactly happened with Pakistan. Institutions were destroyed and brought down to the ground. An unprecedented fall of society was witnessed as a whole. A state that was once rising to heights slipped down to its lowest ebb. Merit suffered a blow; talent had no access to the top, and crimes were generated at every level.

Hence, a few of us decided that it was time to think about how to stop the fast-sinking ship. We decided to start “ Think Tank Pakistan “. A group of think alike got together to make an effort to work a way out of the chaos. It was a marathon task. Pakistanis across the globe sat down and started to think about what could be done!

It was unanimously agreed that we should first try and work on Police and judiciary reforms. If the justice system worked fine, all other issues could be handled!

Hence, as a beginning, Think Tank made efforts to get access to the existing legal framework, to get all information on what works had been done till now on the justice system of Pakistan.

To cut a long story short, we are initially working on draft police laws and trying to rectify the weaknesses in the system. In this endeavour, we need your support. We would like you to join hands with us, advise us, and guide us on how to make this dream come true.

This website gives all details of how to be a part of Team Pakistan. We will be delighted to hear from you and learn from your experience.

Thank you

Farasat Latif