Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan is a Federal Government institution that works under the Chief
Justice of Pakistan. The commission presents recommendation and reports on actions that the Chief
Justice of the country takes.

The commission does not solely work under Chief Justice; Chief Justice of High courts also head it, Ministry of Law, Chairman of Human Rights, and the Chairperson of National Commission on the status of women. The commission has four members, and every member is taken from one province each for equal representation. The Federal government appoints the chairmen, and the Ministry collectively decides Law, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, and other head personas and administrative.

Anyone can be a member of the commission, whether a law student or prominent judge or lawyer or some reputable civil society person. Every member has the right to voice in studies and research. Members of the Islamic Ideology Council are also members of the commission.

Functions of Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

The commission, which provides a road map or swift justice to Pakistan, was established in 1979. Here
are the functions which it is bound to perform

The Commission shall study and keep under review on a continuing systematic basis the statutes and
other laws with a view to making recommendations to the Federal governments and Provincial
Governments for the improvement, modernization and reform thereof and, in particular for:

● Adopting of simple and effective procedure for the administration of laws to ensure substantial,
inexpensive and speedy justice;
● Arranging the codification and unification of laws in order to eliminate multiplicity of laws on
the same subject;
● Removing anomalies in the laws;
● Repealing obsolete or unnecessary provisions in the laws;
● Simplifying laws for easy comprehension and devising steps to make the society law conscious;
● Introduction of reforms in the administration of justice; and
● Removing inconsistencies between the laws within the legislative competence of Parliament and
those within the legislative competence of a Provincial Assembly.

The Commission shall take measures for:

● Developing and augmenting human resources for efficient court administration and case
● Co-ordination of judiciary and executive; and
● Preparing schemes for access to justice, legal aid and protection of human rights.

● The Commission shall study the present system of legal education and make recommendations
to the Federal Government for improving the standard of legal education.
● The Commission shall administer and manage the access to Justice Development Fund.

The role of Commission is to present case studies on the decisions which are made by Supreme Court of
Pakistan. It can vary from SUO MOTO cases to Cyber Crime, cultural level decisions like Kite flying bans
etc. Review and case studies on verdicts on environment related cases and police commissions are also
part of the function of commission.

Exemplary Case Study:

For a better understanding of Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan here is one of the case on which it
has worked:

Kite Flying Verdict:

Kite Flying Verdict is considered as defective verdict which has stopped many people from their fun and
light hobby. There are many flaws in the law and here are the details:

● In Kite flying ban kids under ten years are arrested as they commit “offense” and there is no
proper Legislation that can treat the juvenile in case of committing crime. The act is in
contradiction of child protection laws and juvenile justice system
● It is an unnecessary burden on district administration which includes police. The police will have
to spend extra time and energy on the heinous crime and it will take their attention from
heinous crime s like theft and murder. We already lack in resources for better police system and
it will make a dent on the efforts and efficiency of police. Furthermore, they will need more
force and control on streets which is not feasible everywhere.
● The Kite Flying Legislation completely failed in stopping the accidents caused by twine. The act
does not prescribe the safety measures for the motor cyclist due to which the accidents are
continuing despite a complete ban on kite flying.

Commission Recommendation:

Kite manufacturing industry provides jobs to many people. It is also one of the way to promote culture
and trade in Pakistan. The government is willing to making amendments which is good thing. They
should focus on controlling the illegal kite manufacturing units and capturing the black sheep instead of
banning on harmful sport.


Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan is striving to provide a better solution on the verdicts of courts.
It never mean to go against them instead it is showing a better solutions for the problems so there can
be better justice system in Pakistan

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