Think Tanks – Making Pakistan Better!

Think Tanks – Making Pakistan Better!

We all have heard the term think tanks, but only a few of us know what it means. Generally, think tank is
a term used for the non-profit organization and a research institute that conducts research and
advocates the topics concerning political strategy, military, technology, culture and social policies.

Most think tanks like Think Tank Pakistan are non-governmental organizations, but few are semi-
autonomous agencies associated with political parties’ government or businesses. The think tank’s role
is quite crucial as they try to provide a better approach to deal with the critical issues in the country.

Role of Think Tanks:

Think tanks are an important part of any nation. Think tanks act like a channel of knowledge between
civilians, policymakers and scholars. Their duty as applied research workers is to convert the theories
and results into righteous insights and recommendation packages. Moreover, convey the data and
recommended packages to decision-makers according to the need of time.

Think Tanks and role in Democracy:

In young democracies and countries that were suppressed under martial law are like emerging markets
in the world. Think tanks play a crucial part as reform leaders and foster change by raising awareness of
critical economic issues, initiating dialogues and discussions, and showing policymakers the way
forward. Think tanks are experts and leaders who can strengthen society and mobilize it towards a
positive direction.

Analyze institutionally:

Think tanks vision the reforms, and they are equipped with a powerful institutional analysis tool. They
analyze the rules of the political and economic game of the world along with incentives that shape the
behavior of the country’s economy overall. Think Tanks can identify problems and issues which can
affect the country’s growth in the long term.

The institute designs alternative routes and develops frameworks for positive governance. Think tanks
do not deal in treating policy symptoms. Instead, they uncover the hidden issues and come up with
recommendations that can work to resolve them.

Improvement in Justice System:

Think tanks are responsible for the economic changes, but they also work on the country’s social system
and justice jurisdiction. The institute works to revamp the system for easy and transparent justice. It
helps to bring the solution to provide non-discriminatory and sustainable justice provision.

Pakistani Laws have many flaws which can be rectified and resolved by implementing improvements and
amendments according to Islamic principles.

In Pakistan, the think tanks strive to come with the solution to the Justice System, which is influenced by
Islamic laws and jurisdiction. strives to provide a dimension and away toward social
welfare state which can make the country a better place to live.

In this aspect, they often make efforts in collaboration with the ministry of law. The swift justice system
can ensure public safety and peaceful living.

How Think Tanks work:

Think Tanks provide a place where ideas are developed freely and independently without government
or private agenda impact.
● Think Tanks are responsible for raising awareness on important issues like delay injustice for the
● Rectify the issues and then come up with alternative policies and solutions which are supported
by evidence.
● The relevant institutions educate and inform public, civil, business personals and policymakers
on the solutions they come up with.
● Think tanks believe in brain storming and welcome new ideas. Thus they welcome public
debates and the exchange of innovative ideas.
● Monitor the government policies and evaluate the programs and their impact.
● Think tanks strive to achieve their agenda by writing articles, publishing journals and draft
legislation. They invite policymakers, government officials, and media to participate in
discussions, share and exchange data, and come with better results.

What is the initiative? is striving to bring a better justice system. Our aim is that every resident can contribute
according to their complete capacity and receive according to their performance and roles. We are
working on the development of policies and recommendations for:
● We are working toward the attainment of meritocracy in every aspect of life.
● Provide facilities to the students so they can at least have free education till graduation
● Better health facilitation to every resident of the country and work toward betterment of
infrastructure of hospitals
● Come with justice system which serves every one equal according to Islamic laws.

Let's wrap it up:

There are many think tanks in Pakistan like IPS, SDPI and so on. is striving to contribute
to society in a meaningful manner. We are working as a non-political entity of Pakistan to bring reforms
in the social, economic, technology, and administrative sector and especially in the judiciary and police.

We believe that a justice system based on Islamic principles can eradicate many problems from the

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