Think Tank Pakistan and Role in Swift judiciary system

Think tanks Pakistan is an independent non-profit organization that is striving to strengthen Pakistan in
different aspects like to provide a swift judiciary system to the residents of Pakistan. It is making Pakistan a better place to live by presenting reforms in political structure, democracy, education sector reforms, freedom, economy, and civil society aspects.

The Justice system of Pakistan is based on the laws, rules, and regulations implemented by the British
Government in the late 19 century. The ineffectiveness of the criminal justice system has caused many
issues in every region of the country.

A simple domestic case is dragged for years, and political cases are fought for generations. Likewise, the
deal in the judiciary system also affects the national and international security of the country.

Think Tank Pakistan is striving to come with a better system. We aim to serve Pakistan in different
aspects from the individual level to the organizational level and resolve to work for institutional reforms.
Law and speedy justice is the core of every reform; that is why we strive to provide betterment based
on Islamic Law and the Adl system.

The goal of justice:

The is an organization that is solely based on the goal of revamping the justice
system of the country. We aim to participate in revival of the justice system of Pakistan. The reinvention
method will make the process transparent, quick, non-discriminatory, and sustainable provision of Adl
to national and residents of Pakistan in a respectable and reputable manner. These qualities of justice
can only be delivered when the system is based on Islamic laws and principles with a deep concentration
on accountability.

We are doing all these by making efforts on the civil and government level and working along with the
law and policy system ministry. Reforms in the police system are also important to provide swift judiciary system as it is the first stair of reform Pakistan needed the most.

Police System reforms are crucial as they will provide public safety to speak up for their rights freely
without any fear.

Expected Outcomes:

Here are few expected outcomes from our efforts in the law and judiciary system:
● Start from the revision of the current ancient law and police administrative system. Afterward,
train and promote systems with all its functionaries from lawyers, judges, and police for the
● Creating a institute and system which is built on strong and straightforward public
accountability. It should encompass all grades of justice and law enforcement officials.

● Making sure to implement reforms in the police system and keeping it depoliticized so it can act
freely. Ensuring that the department is appropriately resourced, working on modern tools, and
equipped with the latest technology for the fast-tracking systems. Our goal also expects to make
the police department a reformed system to see it as a trustworthy place.
● Revise all the police and judiciary procedures to simplify it and ensure that procedures aspects
are not the reason for late justice.
● Bringing in the improvement in the F.I.R. system, so it becomes more straightforward and
better. It is also possible with automation of the F.I.R. system.
● Creating a more significant space for police working for a peaceful society and acting as an
excellent supporting system.
● Ensuring to enforce laws/ basic human rights laws for both victims and criminals.
● Bringing the reforms and improvements in institutes like jails infrastructure to provide better
facilities. Moreover, a better system to handle people who are locked up in police stations.
● Bringing improvement in crucial elements of criminal cases like specification of time bounds
from the time the complaint was registered and to the crime when it was committed and all the
violations and relevant data.
● Revising the entire judiciary system and justice system and making laws simple by reducing
unnecessary grades. The step should be taken particularly for those laws which are related to
criminal cases. It will help make them easy to understand by residents of Pakistan.
● The state should supervise the standardized judiciary system which is providing day to day
justice like Jirga and Panchayat system. Furthermore, bringing reforms in these local justice system for providing easy and swift judiciary system.
● Making sure to create ‘Minor Issues Courts’ on all right tiers.
● Making justice and police system better by encouraging small common complaints without
involving lawyers to keep it simple and minimum.


To make all these recommendations and more possible, it is important to create a dedicated team of
retired judges, lawyers, and intellectuals from civil society. The team of experts will work continuously
to revisit the laws and recommend the relevant changes in the legislation.
We believe that Law and justice can be served fast when it is based on the laws of Islamic jurisprudence.